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Smart Meter data analytics

The STAR project has taken to the end with the installation of more than 11M Electricity Smart Meters in the customer premises and more than 60k data concentrators and low voltage supervisors in Iberdrola secondary substations. Always not forgetting there is a system on the top of the Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) which is the responsible of managing all information exchange between smart meters and billing system, as a part of the I-DE Smart Grid architecture. Now it is time to think about how to manage and put in place the amount of daily smart meter data we are reading every day, week and month. The smart meter is capable of generate and store a list of events when something happened. As an example, in some cases, like clock synchronizations, tariff modifications or firmware upgrade, the smart meter must generate an event that includes some additional information. There are seven different groups of events depending on the functionality defined. The MDC (Meter data Collector) receive everyday all the events from the smart meters. Some type of events (i.e, quality of supply related) are sent spontaneously as soon as it is happening. In this scenario, the MDC is collecting monthly hundreds of millions of smart meter events. The student will work deeply on how to manage all this information to get the best of them in order to predict future incidents in the network, detect smart meter malfunctions or fraud detections. Besides, the student will collaborate with other groups within i-DE that are working on other related initiatives.