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A case for the European electric network in 2030

The aim of this project is to create a case for the European electric network given different scenarios. By using the inputs from ENTSOE (ERAA2021) and the software of openTEPES, the student will analyse what are the risks, the advantages, and the best strategies given different development of existing technologies. The objectives of this project are: 1. Identify key factors that affect the future of the Pan-European electricity network. 2. Get to deeply understand how does the system work and what are the key solutions to achieve net emissions objectives. 3. Learn how to manage a predictive model. 4. Prove that openTEPES is a powerful tool able to forecast future scenarios as ENTSOE’s models do.


Itziar González Rodríguez de Biedma

Ofertado en

  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (electrotécnico) - (MII-E)