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Development of a multibody 50th percentile model for EuroNCAP’s Pedestrian Test Protocol

The aim of this study was to develop and validate a simplified ellipsoid-based human multibody model (s-HBM) of a 50th percentile pedestrian for Euro NCAP’s Pedestrian TB024 certification protocol in Simcenter Madymo software. To this end, a three-step process was followed, using Post Mortem Human Surrogate data (PMHS) as well as Simcenter Madymo Active Human Model simulation results as reference to ensure the biofidelity of the study model. First, a set of localized lateral and frontal blunt impact tests were performed to allow independent and precise modifications to said model. After that, overall behavior and robustness were analyzed by means of a full-body lateral impact test against a rigid simplified vehicle. Lastly, TB024 tests were simulated to verify whether the developed model complied with Euro NCAP’s specifications. It was found that the s-HBM passed the certification protocol while showing biofidelic behavior for all the tests performed in this study, although certain target trajectories of the protocol tests could be further improved in a future study. Additionally, further research is needed to properly address the lateral deflection of the thorax in this model.


Juan Manuel Asensio Gil