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Effect of child restraint system recline angle on the magnitude and timing of spinal loads

The goal of this study is to assess the effect on the spinal axial tension (Fz), shear force (Fx), and flexion moment (My) of different recline angles of a rear-facing child restraint system (CRS) indicated for children between 40 cm and 86 cm. The polish company, Karwala is the sponsor of the project. To reach the objective it will be used a simulation software called Madymo. The verification of these simulations will be done through the comparison of the results with some tests carried out by Karwala. The final analysis will be the study of the consequences in the children biomechanics, focusing on the likelihood of injuries.


Miguel Cabello Reyes

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  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (mecánico) - (MII-M)