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Markets designs for integrating energy communities

The Thesis aims identifying the necessary elements for devising market models for local energy communities. This Thesis includes the review of the market architectures for the electricity system to identify the features related to the market participation of energy communities. This Thesis also concerns the analysis of the frameworks for market design applicable to local energy communities considering key features such as products exchanged, actors involved, timing, market optimisation, market operation, and grid constraints representation. This task includes the identification of the relevant energy community’s characteristics that influence the effectiveness of the local market (e.g. operational need typology, network type, resource number and type) and that have to be considered to tailor the generalised market models to the local context. Finally, this task quantifies the impacts of possible solutions to overcome the gaps for the participation of energy communities in electricity market trough indicators that assess the local market performances in compliance with market design principles (e.g. economic efficiency, liquidity, transparency, neutrality, implementation burden) and the interaction of local markets with other electricity markets (e.g. timing of markets, market volumes, allocation of flexibility).


José Luis Alcañiz Pérez

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  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (electrotécnico) - (MII-E)