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Análisis de la importancia de la estimación del límite superior de potencia de la generación eólica para su participación en el servicio de regulación secundaria

The AGC is a system that automatically controls the generation of power plants participating in secondary frequency regulation. Currently, common AGC systems are designed to control conventional power plants such as thermal power and hydropower power plants. However, due to the ongoing expansion of renewable energy sources (RES) all over the world, system operators are facing increasing regulation problems due to power deviations resulting from renewable energy source within their portfolio and reduction of conventional regulation reserves as synchronous generation is displaced by RES generation. A possible approach to tackle this challenge lies in the inclusion of RES into the AGC system. In fact, it has been shown, that by actively incorporating wind power into AGC regulation, wind deviation can be compensated whilst maintaining regulation performance. Nevertheless, the results also indicate, that with increasing amount of wind power participation, dynamic upper wind farm power limit estimation (MPP awareness) is becoming more and more important for AGC regulation. However, such dynamic MPP awareness implicates, despite operating beneath MPP, theoretical wind farm’s MPP calculation based on prevailing wind conditions and subsequent communication with the AGC regulator. In this context, the aim of the proposed Bachelor Thesis is the analysis of the influence of the MPP awareness (from perfect knowledge to reasonable accuracy), considering both general MPP calculation inaccuracy (noise) and communication delays between AGC regulator and wind farm controller. Such analysis shall be carried out within a provided simulation environment of an AGC system implemented in MATLAB. The following structure is suggested: • Literature research on the state of the art of wind power integration into secondary regulation and theoretical wind farm’s MPP calculation potential • Simulation of different MPP awareness scenarios for active wind power regulation in secondary AGC regulation • Analysis and evaluation of the obtained results On completion of this work the results are to be exposed in a presentation.


Jorge Doménech Patón

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  • Grado en Ingeniería Electromecánica (rama eléctrica) - (IEM-E)
  • Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales (electricidad) - (GITI-E)