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Análisis del potencial para la participación de la generación eólica en el servicio de regulación secundaria

With the ongoing energy transition, renewable energy sources are increasingly integrated into the European energy system and are gradually replacing conventional power generation. However, their volatile generation makes system operation and especially the provision of ancillary services an increasingly challenging task. In order to counteract this development, numerous wind farms controls and control strategies have been developed which enable power point tracking. Especially if incorporated into a collective of conventional power plants within an automatic generation control (AGC) system, wind power regulation potential could be verified. Nevertheless, its still questionable to what extend wind power can offer regulation band within the regulation market, since especially upward regulation compliance seems difficult to guarantee. In this context, the aim of the proposed Bachelor Thesis is the elaboration and analysis of different regulation band bidding scenarios for wind generation in secondary AGC regulation within a collective of conventional power plants. Such analysis shall be carry out within a provided simulation environment of an AGC system implemented in MATLAB. The following structure is suggested: • Literature research on the state of the art of wind power regulation band bidding in secondary regulation • Simulation of different bidding scenarios for active wind power regulation in secondary AGC • Analysis and evaluation of obtained results with identification of wind power bidding potential in secondary regulation On completion of this work the results are to be exposed in a presentation.


Alejandro Valcarce Barbosa

Ofertado en

  • Grado en Ingeniería Electromecánica (rama eléctrica) - (IEM-E)
  • Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales (electricidad) - (GITI-E)