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Estimating the impact of industrial decarbonization on the Spanish energy demand

The energy intensive industry (EII) is responsible for two-thirds of industrial carbon dioxide emissions in the EU. It has been recognised by both public and private stakeholders that a far-reaching transformation of these industries is required to comply with the overall emission reduction goals stated by the European Union for 2050. In case of Spain, many of the EIIs keep using fossil fuel as principal energy carrier to fuel industrial processes. Many possible technology pathways exist to achieve deep decarbonisation of the industrial sector and all require profound changes regarding the industrial energy mix. This thesis project focuses on Spanish case for 2050 and explores the impact of a changed industrial energy mix would have on the national energy economy. Based on a literature review different case studies for the Spanish industrial demand in 2050 will need to be developed, implemented into the MASTER model of IIT and results analysed.


Esperanza Macarena Martínez Sendín

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  • Máster en el Sector Eléctrico (MEPI) - (MEPI)
  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (electrónico) - (MII-N)
  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (electrotécnico) - (MII-E)
  • Máster en Ingeniería Industrial (mecánico) - (MII-M)