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Transparent optimization models for better energy policy

Would you like to help companies and institutions make better decisions, in the field of energy planning and potentially across industries? Would you like to develop new techniques that will build bridges between mathematic results and actionable understanding? In this project, you will develop your research in the frontiers of Optimization and Machine Learning, creating new techniques that will improve decision processes within institutions and the use of models in policy making. The project will focus on explaining solutions in terms that can be understood by the humans responsible of the decision. The research work will require a theoretical component and a practical one, where the candidate will have the opportunity to get to know the power secto. He/She will be integrated into a n interdisciplinary team where he/she will grow in experience and knowledge in a fast-growing research field that is expected to grow in prominence in the next few years.


PhD. Basic knowledge of Optimization (LP, MIP) and Machine Learning (scikit-learn). Preferably an engineer or mathematician.
Advanced English level, and very good academic record. Experience in model development (GAMS or Pyomo). Good writing skills. Resilience. A taste for discovery.

¿Qué se ofrece?

The duration of the contract will depend on the duration of the strategic internal project and will be renewed annually. The initial gross salary is € 35,021.91 for the year 2023. The researcher can enjoy the services that the University offers to its staff (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library,etc.).


Curriculum vitae, academic record, cover letter and two recommendation letters.