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Modeling and controls of AC/DC power systems for resilience and reliability-oriented simulations

The research project will be carried out within the HorizonEurope project HVDC-Wise that aims at proposing, analyzing, designing, and validating HVDC-based grid architecture concepts that enable the deployment of reliable and resilient widespread AC/DC transmission grids to achieve the European energy transition. A HVDC-based grid architecture concept is a set of technological solutions (topology, technological components, operation algorithms) that seek to "strengthen the existing transmission network to meet future transmission system needs using HVDC transmission”
In particular, the research project carried out by the candidate will focus on the modeling, resilience and reliability-oriented simulation and control of AC/DC systems and the therefore needed extension of tools developed by Comillas (RMS simulator and Small Signal Stability Toolbox). The tools will allow assessing resiliency and reliability improvements thanks to HVDC-based grid architecture, and they will be included within an external cascading simulator. The candidate will collaborate in the definition of the scope, granularity requirement, functionalities, and needs of the tools, and in the definition of test systems.


We are looking for a brilliant and motivated post-doc to carry out research within the scope of the HorizonEurope project HVDC-Wise.


PhD degree in electrical engineering. Good English level (understanding, writing and speaking).
Knowledge on power systems dynamics, inverter modeling, power system simulation and software (DigSilent, PSCAD, SimPowerSystems, or similar).
Experience on HVDC and MTDC will be valued positively.


Full-time contract of initially 36 months duration and an initial yearly gross salary of € 33012.


Curriculum vitae, academic record, cover letter and two recommendation letters.