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Ukraine Doctoral research opportunity for Ukrainian citizens: Doctoral Program in Business and Regional Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainabili

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers a three-year pre-doctoral contract to Ukrainian citizens to research in any of the research areas of the Faculty, mainly related to sustainability consumption and management, social entrepreneurship, internationalization, hydrogen studies, sustainable finance, or behavioral finance: Areas of research of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

We offer:

Annual full-time contract for the development of research. Besides, the Research Assistant will take training activities. The gross salary for the first year is €20.759,94 for 2022. In addition, the Faculty covers 90% of PhD fees. The researcher will have access to all the services offered by the University (Sports, Cultural Activities, Library, etc.).


The candidate must have an MRes or MSc. A good academic record and knowledge of topics related to the areas of research will also be considered when assessing the candidate’s merit. Good spoken and written skills in English are also a requirement.


Curriculum vitae, academic record, cover letter, and (if possible) two recommendation letters.