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The worst-case wind power scenario for adaptive robust unit commitment problems

G. Morales-España, J. García-González, A. Ramos

This paper provides a tight description for the basic operating constraints of generating units for unit commitment (UC) problems: 1) generation limits, including 2) startup and shutdown capabilities, and 3) minimum up and down times. The Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) formulation can be solved as a Linear Programming (LP) problem since its LP solution already provides integer solutions, hence obtaining dramatic improvements in computation time. We provide evidence of this by experimentally checking that all vertices of the feasible region are integer, and by solving a self-UC for different case studies.

Palabras clave: Unit Commitment (UC), Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP), Tight Formulation, Convex Hull.

Fecha de Registro: 11/11/2013


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