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Información del Working Paper

Wind farms in AGC: modeling, simulation & validation

K. Doenges, L. Sigrist, I. Egido, E. Lobato, L. Rouco


Wind farms are increasingly interested in participating in the secondary frequency control, especially in power systems where AGC is organized by regulation zones comprising generation units of different technologies. In order to estimate the wind farms behavior and overall impact on AGC, a reasonably simple wind farm model is needed. First-order and second-order linear models of wind farms have been proposed in the literature in AGC-related studies. However, these simple models neglect key dynamic features for AGC integration of wind farms, such as artificial ramp limitations, dead bands, communications delays and start-up delays caused by turbine orientation. This paper presents a still simple wind farm model, however representing all relevant dynamics and availability constraints at power system control level. Applying an illustrative case study, model parameters are tuned and validated by means of field measurements, recorded during a response trail run of a real wind farm of 30 MW installed power operating within the Spanish power system.

Palabras clave: Wind farm modelling; wind power modelling; AGC; frequency control; secondary reserve; spinning reserve; renewable energy sources

Fecha de Registro: 25/06/2021


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