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Información del Working Paper

Analysis of new flexibility market models in Europe


To identify the trends on new flexibility markets, a set of market and aggregator platforms have been selected and compared. The analyzed initiatives are relevant to consider alternative designs for European electricity markets. In this review, a common methodology is proposed to analyze these market models by comparing their description, market structure, market timing and implementations. The results provide compelling evidence that the new market models devoted to raising flexibility from distributed resources, providing services to Distribution System Operators (DSOs), and in coordination with Transmission System Operators (TSOs) are a promising business with technical and economic justification. Furthermore, of particular interest is the interactions between these new market platforms and existing markets. In addition, the contributions from aggregator platforms are also relevant to enhance the political vision of empowering the customers through their active participation in markets.

Palabras clave: aggregators; electricity market; distributed energy resources, distribution system operators; flexibility; local markets; market design; power system.

Fecha de Registro: 27/05/2021


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