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Información del Working Paper

Complex systems techniques applied to transmission expansion planning. Part III: using topological information to build more robust networks

D. Citron, S. Lumbreras, M. Haraguchi, J.G. Young, A. Patania, M. Pereda, I. Bertazzi

Reliability is one of the main objectives that should be considered in Transmission Expansion Planning. However, the high computational demands of traditional approaches mean that they may be unmanageable in real case studies. We propose a simple reliability measure that can be easily calculated based on topology and basic power system information. The measure is easily calculated and has no need for power flow calculations. The use of this measure has been demonstrated in a case study using data from the Spanish power grid.

Keywords: Transmission Expansion Planning, Reliability, Network Topology

Fecha de Registro: 10/11/2015


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