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Información del Working Paper

Reconfiguration of large-scale distribution networks for planning studies

A. González, F.M. Echavarren, L. Rouco, T. Gómez, J. Cabetas

Medium Voltage (MV) distribution networks are usually operated radially. However, its structure may be designed so that, in case of the failure of an element, the load downstream can be supplied by adjacent networks through reconfiguration of the network. Under this assumption, a reconfiguration tool is a key resource for the planning and the operation of MV distribution networks. This paper presents a heuristic algorithm of reconfiguration of MV distribution networks. The algorithm determines the configuration that minimizes the Non Delivered Power not only in case of the failure of a single branch (line, transformer) but also in case of a complete failure of a high voltage to medium voltage substation. The constraints considered are that the radial structure of the network must be kept and line thermal limits, transformer capacities and bus voltages must be within their admissible ranges. The algorithm results show up weak regions of the network where planning actions should be carried out. The main features of the algorithm are interpretability of the solution and low computation times while handling complex and large-scale MV distribution networks. The algorithm has been tested on several instances of real distribution networks. Results of the application of the algorithm to real scenarios of Madrid’s distribution network are provided.

Keywords: Heuristic Algorithm,Large-scale Distribution Networks,Power Distribution Planning,Distribution Reliability,Power System Restoration,Reconfiguration

Fecha de Registro: 09/09/2010


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