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Información del Working Paper

An algorithm for querying incomplete cubes in multidimensional models

A. Sánchez, I. Dapena, A. Muñoz, J. Villar, J. García-González

On-Line Analytical Processing is an emerging technology due to the development of decision-support applications and computing multidimensional aggregations is the main data manipulation in OLAP applications. This paper proposes an algorithm applied to multidimensional models for querying from an incomplete cube, if relations between some of the known and unknown dimensions are provided. Besides, the algorithm supports multiple hierarchies in each dimension, which could be unbalanced. At the end of the paper an application to the electricity market in Spain is described. Nowadays the algorithm is being working in a ROLAP system in ENDESA, which is one of the most important electrical company in Spain.

Palabras clave: multidimensional model, incomplete cube, ROLAP.

Fecha de Registro: 01/01/2003


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