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Project information

Prototype of a system to sell glasses frames through the Internet

R. Palacios

July 2001 - July 2001

Funding entity ASG Visualización Digital, S.L.

The objective of this project is to develop the prototype of a web page to sell glasses. The system presents images and descriptions of glasses, and enables the user to place an order.
The glasses will be classified by brand in a database of the system. After selecting the brand, a list of images and description of the available frames will appear in the web navigator. The user is able to select any of the frames and place an order on-line.
The system uses «forms» to collect data from the client. For this step security communications based on advanced encryption protocols are used.
No credit card information will be used in the prototype, but the system generates a request page already filled with the client data and the frame selected. The client has to send it by fax and pay by another method. The prototype application will be accessible at the web server of the IIT (http://www.iit.upco.es/gafas) for evaluation purposes. The University will not sell glasses using this prototype.