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Ph. D. Thesis information

Gestión centralizada de restricciones técnicas en mercados eléctricos competitivos. Aplicación al caso español

Enrique Lobato Miguélez

Supervised by Luis Rouco Rodríguez, Tomás Gómez San Román

The objective of the doctoral thesis is the development of methods for the centralized management of technical constraints in electricity markets. The thesis considers as a case of practical application the centralized solution of power system constraints in the Spanish peninsular electrical system, after the clearing of the daily market. The solution method to be developed should incorporate the following characteristics: ? Connection of initially off-line groups for the solution of technical restrictions due to overloads and undervoltage problems. ? Coupled treatment of the solution in the 24 hourly scheduling periods. ? Resolution of the contingencies postulated in the Operational Procedures of the Spanish peninsular electrical system with preventive criteria. ? Use of the voltage control elements to reduce the system cost. The problem raised in this thesis is of a very high magnitude and difficulty. The nature of the problem responds to a nonlinear optimization problem with the presence of integer variables. The formulation of a single problem with all the conditions and characteristics presented, for its application to a real system of great dimension such as the Spanish peninsular electrical system, is not realistic due to the complexity and size of the problem. The bibliographic review that this thesis makes shows that the development of a model that contemplates the different characteristics and peculiarities imposed by the Spanish regulation and by the technical criteria of the operation of the Spanish system, and that is applicable in practice to a real system of great dimension as is the Spanish peninsular electrical system, has not been satisfactorily solved so far in the literature. Once the technical constraints are resolved, it is desirable to find an optimum operating point for the system. The objectives of the thesis include the development of an optimum power flow algorithm (OPF), which obtains the optimum operating point of the system by minimizing transport losses and maximizing the reactive margins of the generators of the system.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (España)

01 July 2002

E. Lobato (2002), Gestión centralizada de restricciones técnicas en mercados eléctricos competitivos. Aplicación al caso español. Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Madrid (Spain).

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