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Is the European 2050 emissions path viable for Spain? How much renewables are needed? Is the power system able to deal with it?

K. Dietrich, A. López-Peña

Climate change is a serious thread and will keep future generations worried. Climate policies are implemented now, but will only show effects in the long-term. But how does the electricity system will look like in the future. Are policy outcomes realistic in the operation of the electric system? We define a policy to reach minimum renewable generation and emissions targets for the future and prove whether this policy outcome is viable in the operation of the electric system. First, we will analyse the objectives for 2030 first and determine the necessary technology investment in the complete Spanish energy system (not just electricity system) to achieve an ambitious emissions reduction, in line with the European objectives for 2050 (EU Roadmaps 2050 ). Then, the foreseen investment will be tested with a model that represents in detail the power system operation to examine the technical feasibility. We find that the operation is feasible but that resulting productions differ. One of the reasons is the elevated amount of spillage necessary in the operation. As a result we see the urgent need to invest in a more flexible electricity system with more electric vehicles, more flexible demands, more storage technologies and less inflexible generation.


Fecha de Registro: 2013-01-29


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