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Towards a hidden energy poverty indicator for Spanish households

R. Barrella, J.I. Linares, E.M. Arenas, J.C. Romero

Recently, the EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) introduced, among the primary indicators, the ?Low share of energy expenditure in income? indicator (M/2), which aims to quantify the tendency of ?households in arrears on bills? to reduce their energy consumption. This paper proposes a methodology to characterise household energy consumption in order to quantify the number of Spanish households whose energy expenditure is abnormally low. Categorizing the ?average energy-expenditure? (AEE) and the ?required heating expenditure? (RHE) of Spanish households, a ?Modified M/2? indicator will be calculated. Complementing the proposed indicator with a characterisation of the household income level, it will be possible to eliminate false positives and, as a result, identify Spanish households that reduce energy consumption due to difficulties in meeting their bills, or in other words due to energy poverty.

Keywords: Energy poverty, Vulnerable households, Energy expenditure, Indicators, Spain

Registration date: 2019-05-20


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