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Phase-selection algorithms to minimize cost and unbalances in U.S. synthetic distribution networks

F. Postigo, C. Mateo, T. Gómez, F. de Cuadra, P. Dueñas, B. Palmintier

The growing penetration of distributed energy resources (DERs) in electricity distribution networks opens countless opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability. Planning and operation models have to be adapted to analyze future scenarios and define strategic roadmaps. There is a need to open this field to the research community to investigate novel algorithms capable of dealing with very large-scale distribution systems incorporating smart grid technologies. Nevertheless, due to the fact that electricity distribution networks are considered critical infrastructures, there is a lack of publicly available largescale test cases. In this paper, a Reference Network Model (RNM) aimed to design large-scale U.S.-styled synthetic distribution networks is presented. Special emphasis is put on the description of the algorithms that allow multiphase feeders design. First, a method that selects the most suitable number of phases for each feeder section considering the connected network customers is presented. Second, a method that assigns phases to the network users dealing with the tradeoff of optimizing the unbalance in the distribution network locally and at system level is detailed. The performance of the developed algorithms is tested by comparing the obtained network solutions with the original IEEE 8500 node Test Feeder and the EPRI Feeder J1.

Keywords: Power distribution, power distribution planning, power system planning, reference network model, representative networks, synthetic networks

Registration date: 2019-02-11


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