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Building large-scale synthetic U.S. distribution network models

C. Mateo, F. Postigo, F. de Cuadra, T. Gómez, T. Elgindy, P. Dueñas, B. Palmintier, B.M. Hodge, V. Krishnan

Distribution utilities are facing new challenges to integrate distributed energy resources in an efficient way. At the same time, the research community is developing new algorithms that can help to address these challenges. However, there is a shortage of realistic large-scale test systems for the evaluation of such new algorithms. In particular, U.S. distribution networks have differential characteristics respect to European networks. In order to contribute to bridge this gap, this paper presents a methodology to build large-scale U.S. distribution networks. Starting with information from street maps and catalog components, a new Reference Network Model has been developed to build synthetic grids in the U.S. The network components include power lines, substations, distribution transformers, voltage regulators, capacitors and switching devices. The algorithms to build the synthetic grids are described and the whole process is shown in an illustrative case study. A largest dataset is also presented, showing the applicability of this concept to very-large scale networks.

Keywords: Distribution network; synthetic networks; test feeder; power utilities; power flow; power systems; Reference Network Model, representative networks.

Registration date: 2019-02-11


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