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Efficient generation of synthetic power transmission networks that are consistent with the features of real power grids

R. Espejo, S. Lumbreras, A. Ramos

Power network design is rising to new challenges, such as renewable power integration or the creation of regional markets. At the same time, research projects face a lack of available information about the grid. This hinders their success, as it is difficult to test models without having a sufficiently large database of transmission networks. Recently, several algorithms have been proposed in this field. However, they do not consider explicitly the electrical features that characterize power grids. We explore the properties of the transmission grid that set it apart from some other networks. In particular, we show that power networks are not scale free, although this is usually assumed. Then, we propose a new algorithm that creates grids that are consistent with the characteristics of the transmission network. It is also flexible and easy to adapt to different configurations, so that diverse profiles of grids can be created. In addition, it is efficient and easy to implement. The algorithm is articulated in two steps; a first one focused on economic efficiency and a second one targeted at achieving topological and statistical consistency.

Keywords: complex networks, power systems, power transmission lines, synthetic networks, topology.

Registration date: 2017-02-01


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