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Biogas production from vegetable and fruit markets waste- Compositional and batch characterizations

C. Morales-Polo, MM. Cledera Castro, B.Y. Moratilla

This study presents a complete characterization of the residual materials found in fruit and vegetable markets and their adaptability to be treated by anaerobic digestion with the aim of generating biogas as a new and renewable energy source. It has been determined that these substrates are perfectly suitable to be treated by anaerobic digestion, being rich in simple carbohydrates, with a high content of moisture and solids (total and volatile), which makes it a substrate of easy solubilization and with a great amount of matter directly accessible to the microorganisms responsible for anaerobic degradation. The process develops smoothly, with a slight release of acidic elements, but without impact by the development of the buffer effect by ammonia. In addition, a phenomenon of digestion is observed in two phases, indicating that despite the particulateing of the substrate, it manages to digest the organic matter directly accessible and the inaccessible. In numerical terms, 100 g of residue V produce 913.282 NmL of biogas, of which 289.333 NmL correspond to methane. The disintegration constant is 0.200 days?1, with 16,045% of the substrate degraded. As an innovation, the hydrogen generated in the process has been used as an indicator of the stability and development of the process. Accompanied by a statistical analysis and mathematical adjustments, it is possible to characterize in depth the process and its evolution, determining that the degradation is fast, with a rapid and stable hydrolysis.

Keywords: biowaste; BMP; biomethane; biofuel; anaerobic digestion

Sustainability. Volumen: 11 Número: 23 Páginas: 6790-1-6790-23

Índice de impacto JCR y cuartil WoS: 2.576 - Q2 (2019)

Referencia DOI: DOI icon 10.3390/su11236790    

Publicado en papel: Diciembre 2019. Publicado on-line: Noviembre 2019.

C. Morales-Polo, MM. Cledera Castro, B.Y. Moratilla. Biogas production from vegetable and fruit markets waste- Compositional and batch characterizations. Sustainability. vol. 11, no. 23, pp. 6790-1-6790-23, Diciembre 2019. [Online: Noviembre 2019]

    Líneas de investigación:
  • Modelos integrados de agua y energía
  • Análisis experimental