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A model for better electrification planning

Y. Borofsky, I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, R.J. Stoner

Off-grid electrification systems can be the best option to provide electricity access in areas where the central grid is too expensive or the incumbent distributor is unable to extend the grid, for whatever reason. Researchers supported by the MIT Energy Initiative’s Tata Center for Technology and Design in collaboration with IIT-Comillas in Madrid have built a computational tool called the Reference Electrification Model (REM) that can improve electrification planning in developing countries with low electricity access and help increase the success rate of off-grid projects.

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ABB Review. Número: 2 Páginas: 23-27

Publicado en papel: Junio 2017.

Y. Borofsky, I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, R.J. Stoner. A model for better electrification planning. ABB Review. no. 2, pp. 23-27, Junio 2017.

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  • *Análisis de políticas energéticas sostenibles