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Control and diagnosis of water chemistry in the water-steam and water make-up in a fossil fuelled power plant

M.A. Sanz-Bobi, I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, J.L. Serrano, M.E. Ortiz-Alfaro, J. Alba, Á. Doménech, M.J. Villamediana Díez, J. González-Huerta, J.J. Fernández-Martínez

This paper presents the expert system SEQA (the Spanish initials for Water Chemistry Expert System) for the control and diagnostic of the chemical properties of the water-steam and water make-up treatment systems in a fossil power plant. The purpose of the system is to monitor the parameters that control the water chemical properties in a power plant, in order to forecast anomalies and, if they occur, to diagnose the problem that causes them. In this case, the expert system will recommend suitable actions to prevent these anomalies or at least to mitigate their effect, if possible. The auxiliary modules that provide the necessary information to reach this objective are also described.


International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems. Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Pages: 251-258

Published on paper: August 1994.

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