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Electric field effects in Fibonacci superlattices

M. Castro, F. Dominguez-Adame

We present a thorough study of transmission and localization properties of Fibonacci superlattices, both in flat band conditions and subject to homogeneous electric fields perpendicular to the layers. We use the transfer matrix formalism to determine the transmission coefficient and the degree of localization of the electronic states. We find that the fragmentation pattern of the electronic spectrum is strongly modified when the electric field is switched on, this effect being more noticeable as the system length increases. We relate those phenomena to field-induced localization of carriers in Fibonacci superlattices.

Keywords: semiconductor superlattice, bloch oscillations, gaas

Physics Letters A. Volume: 225 Issue: 4-6 Pages: 321-325

Published on paper: March 1997.

M. Castro, F. Dominguez-Adame. Electric field effects in Fibonacci superlattices. Physics Letters A. vol. 225, no. 4-6, pp. 321-325, March 1997.

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