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Paper information

Power quality regulation in Argentina: Flicker and harmonics

T. Gómez, J. Román

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery Vol. 13, nº. 3, pp. 895 - 901

Argentina has developed an explicit power quality regulation. At the beginning of the 90’s public distribution companies were privatised in the area of Gran Buenos Aires. A detailed regulation regarding continuity of supply and voltage profile was then established. Regulation regarding voltage disturbances has been established at the end of 1996, for the purpose of controlling the level of disturbance in the networks and users disturbance injection, particularly regarding harmonics and flicker. This paper describes these late developments together with a practical example of application. The basis of this new regulation are international standards that have been adapted to form a set of Reference Levels, Emission Limits and Measurement and Control Procedures. These points together with a Economic Penalty system conforms one of the most advanced regulatory schemes for power quality in public networks.

Keywords: Power quality, harmonics, flicker, regulation, economic penalty

Published on paper: July 1998.

T. Gómez, J. Román. Power quality regulation in Argentina: Flicker and harmonics. IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. Vol. 13, nº. 3, pp. 895 - 901 July 1998.

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