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Strategic bidding in sequential electricity markets

A. Ugedo, E. Lobato, Á. Franco, L. Rouco, J. Fernández-Caro, J. Chofre Álvarez

Wholesale electricity markets can be organised into different types of markets—energy markets and ancillary services markets—that are cleared sequentially. The paper proposes a stochastic-optimisation model to obtain the distribution of the electricity resources of a generation firm among the different sequential markets within a wholesale electricity market. Market power is modelled by linear approximations of the residual-demand curves. In addition, the model obtains the bid curves of a generation firm that are submitted for every hourly period of each market comprising the sequence. A methodology to estimate the stochastic residual-demand curves for every hour of each market based on decision trees has been designed. The model has been developed for a Spanish utility to operate in the Spanish electricity market. A case study illustrates the performance of the proposed model.

Keywords: Strategic bidding; wholesale electricity market; stochastic-optimisation model; electricity resource distribution; power generation firm; linear appro

IEE Proceedings-Generation Transmission and Distribution. Volume: 153 Issue: 4 Pages: 431-442

Journal Impact Factor: JCR impact factor 0.868 (2008)

DOI reference: DOI icon 10.1049/ip-gtd:20045192    

Published on paper: July 2006.

    Topics research:
  • *Forecasting and data mining
  • *Short-Term Operation, Market Bidding and Operating Reserves

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