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Impact of information and communication technologies on human cognitive processes. Implications for human nature

S. Lumbreras, A. Moreno Barrado, J.M. Latorre

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have dramatically changed the way we access knowledge and process data, how we learn and work and the way we relate to other human beings. Given that their mainstream incorporation to daily life is relatively recent their consequences on our psychology and behaviour are only beginning to be explored. The growing interest in this topic manifests itself in a myriad research works that study the associated phenomena from different angles. However, a unified perspective is still missing. This paper attempts to fill that gap by providing a summarized view of the consequences that the use of ICTs is having on our intellectual abilities and the way we view themselves as human beings.

Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies, Learning, Memory, Attention, Multitasking.

Pensamiento: Revista de Investigación e Información filosófica. Volume: 71 Issue: 269 Pages: 1375-1382

Published on paper: January 2016.

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