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Información del artículo en conferencia

Impact on power system transient stability of AC-line-emulation controllers of VSC-HVDC links

J. Renedo, L. Sigrist, L. Rouco, A. García-Cerrada

14th PowerTech Conference, Madrid (España). 27 junio 2021


High voltage direct current links based on voltage source converters (VSC-HVDC) embedded in alternating current (AC) systems are receiving a great deal of attention recently because they can contribute positively to the flexibilisation of modern power systems. Among several possibilities, AC-lineemulation control has been highlighted as an simple-but-useful alternative for these type of systems.With this strategy, the power flow through the link is controlled proportionally to the angle difference between its two AC terminals and this provides selfadaptation of the power flow in case of contingencies in the parallel AC lines, naturally. Although this controller is mainly concerned with steady state, it can also have an impact on the dynamic behaviour of the system which has not been sufficiently analysed. Along this line, this paper analyses the impact of ACline-emulation controllers of VSC-HVDC on power system transient stability. Nonlinear time-domain simulations were carried out by using PSS/E on a small test system with an embedded point-to-point VSC-HVDC link. The critical clearing time (CCT) of a test fault has been used to assess transient-stability margins of the whole system. The paper provides recommendations for the design of AC-line-emulation controllers in order to ensure that transient stability is not jeopardised.

Palabras clave: VSC-HVDC, AC-line emulation control, transient stability, power system stability

Fecha de publicación: junio 2021.

J. Renedo, L. Sigrist, L. Rouco, A. García-Cerrada, Impact on power system transient stability of AC-line-emulation controllers of VSC-HVDC links, 14th PowerTech Conference - PowerTech 2021, Madrid, España, 27 Junio - 02 Julio 2021. , ISBN: 978-1-6654-3597-0/21

    Líneas de investigación:
  • Estabilidad: estabilidad de gran perturbación, ajuste de protecciones de deslastre de cargas por frecuencia, control de la excitación, estabilidad de pequeña perturbación, ajuste de estabilizadores del sistema de potencia, identificación de modelos de reguladores
  • Electrónica de potencia