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Operation and control strategies for networks with a high degree of renewable generation

Z.A. Styczynski, K. Rudion, P.B. Eriksen, A.G. Orths, T. Schäfer, W. Sattinger, L. Rouco, A. Phadke

New challenges to the power system have been evoked by the worldwide shortage of primary energy sources and have resulted especially in a high penetration of renewable energy generation in the system. However, the high reliability of customer supply must be maintained in the future while the structure and the tasks of the power networks will change. The way to the future power system is long and expensive and must be undertaken in a few steps with regard to safety and security of supply. So new strategies for network operation and control have to be successively developed and applied in an intelligent manner taking into account the future challenges. Much new research should be done on this field. The theoretical background, realisation possibilities, current international practice and future requirements and possible solutions for the operation and control of the networks with a high degree of renewable generation is shown and discussed in this survey paper.

Keywords: Power system, operation, control, renewable generation, future power system.

Publicado: julio 2008.

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