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Efficient driving algorithms for non-disturbed and disturbed trains with the CBTC signalling system

W. Carvajal, A.P. Cucala, A. Fernández-Cardador, L. Söder

Trains with automatic train operation (ATO)-communication-based train control (CBTC) have the capability to follow a predesigned or calculated speed profile and also can change the control command at any point of the route. This paper presents the advances in the research about designing driving profiles for ATO trains under the CBTC signalling system. Two algorithms based on simulation are proposed, one for the offline design of single undisturbed train trajectories and the other is a real-time algorithm to save energy when there is interaction between two consecutive trains. These algorithms were tested using a simulation-based metaheuristic optimization for the first case and a two-train tracking simulator for the second. The results showed that energy savings could be attained using the proposed algorithms maintaining the required safety and passenger comfort levels in the railway operation.

Keywords: ATO; CBTC; energy-efficient; Fuzzy; pseudo-Pareto front; optimization; simulation; NSGA-II-F; disturbed train; tracking algorithm

Publicado: junio 2015.

    Líneas de investigación:
  • *Operación eficiente del tráfico ferroviario
  • *Conducción económica de trenes (Ecodriving)


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