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A comparison of eigenvalues obtained with two dynamic simulation software packages

J. Persson, J.G. Slootweg, L. Rouco, L. Söder, W. L. Kling

Eigenvalues of a power system give a good picture of the stability in the current operating point. In this paper the linear analysis capabilities of two software packages are evaluated and compared. It is shown in which way the linearization method influences the results, i.e., the location of the obtained eigenvalues in the complex plane. Further, the paper illustrates the impact of the models of the power system components (such as generators) on the location of the eigenvalues. The conclusions drawn from eigenvalue analysis are thus not only dependent on the properties of the investigated system, but also on the software package which is used, as well as on how the components of the power system are modeled. Therefore, conclusions can differ when studying the same power system with different software packages.

Keywords: eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, linearisation techniques, power system dynamic stability, power system simulation, sensitivity analysis

2003 IEEE Power Tech Conference Proceedings. Bolonia, Italia. 23-26 Junio 2003

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PTC.2003.1304317    

Publicado: junio 2003.

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