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Hydro-scheduling experiences in Iberdrola

A. Perea, R. Bellido, P. Sanz, E. López Rodríguez, J.M. Latorre, A. Ramos, S. Cerisola

Planning output production of hydropower plants is one of the key issues for a utility company. Iberdrola owns and operates the largest hydropower installed capacity in MIBEL (Spain and Portugal) and has accumulated a huge amount of experience in this field. Optimization and Simulation are the chosen tools of Iberdrola to deal with hydro-scheduling in market conditions. These models are also useful for planning maintenance and designing or upgrading hydropower plants. This paper shows several examples of these cases

Keywords: Hydroelectric power generation, optimal scheduling, power system simulation, energy management

4th IEEE and Cigré International Workshop Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Markets Bergen, Norway,

Publicado: junio 2012.

    Líneas de investigación:
  • *Planificación táctica a medio plazo


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