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Catenary and autotransformer coupled optimization for 2x25kV systems planning

E. Pilo, L. Rouco, A. Fernández-Cardador

In the design process of a 2x25kV power supply, the location and sizing of autotransformers and the choice of the catenary type are usually two aspects very closely interrelated. As a result, the number of autotransformers can normally be reduced or augmented if the catenary is upgraded or downgraded respectively. In this paper, coupling equations between these two aspects are described in detail. These equations are used to formulate a multi-attribute optimization problem in which the global efficiency of the investment is optimized. In this problem, the considered attributes are: (i) investment cost and (ii) a performance index that is defined in the paper. The optimization procedure gives a reduced set of catenary and autotransformers combinations that maximizes efficiency. This optimal reduced set can be used as an input in the design process of power supply. For the solution of this problem, different dominancy criteria are evaluated. Furthermore, sensitivity studies are carried out during the optimization process to help in the search of catenary and autotransformers combinations. As a study case, the proposed optimization procedure has been used to obtain a reduced set of catenaries and autotransformers based in the catenary C-350, which has been used in the Madrid - Barcelona - French border new high-speed line.

Keywords: Power supply system, High speed railways, Multi-attribute optimization, Long-term infrastructure planning

10th International Conf. on Computer System Design and Operation in the Railway and Other Transit Systems (COMPRAIL 2006) pp.747-756. ISBN:1-84564-177-9. 10-12 July 2006. Prague (Czech Republic).

Publicado: julio 2006.

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