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Evaluation of lightning protection of unshielded 132kV overhead lines using surge arresters

J. Rivier, L. Rouco, J. del Castillo, D. Vindel, G. Vargas, A. Herranz

The usual lightning protection of high volt-age overhead lines is the usage of groundwires. In some cases, they cannot be used. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of different alternative protection schemes using surge arresters for a 132kV unshielded overhead line. The protection schemes are: a surge arrester at each conductor and tower, a surge arresters only at the central conductor and every tower (the configuration studied has the central conductor higher than lateral ones at therefore acts as a shield wire) and a surge arrester at each conductor and one out of two towers. The last two protective schemes are consid-ered due to economic reasons. Number of annual flashovers in a 100km line with the different protec-tion schemes is computed following IEEE recommen-dations. Direct, induced and back flashovers are con-sidered. Over-voltages are computed using the ATP software package, distinguishing between tower, cen-tral conductor and lateral conductor lightning strokes. Conclusions are presented about the effectiveness of each protective scheme.

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Proceedings of the XIIIth International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH 2003), Johan J. Smit Editor, Millpress (ISBN: 90-77017-79 8), pp. 137. Delft, The Netherlands. August 25-29, 2003.

Publicado: agosto 2003.

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