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Modelling of photovoltaic plants for power system dynamic studies

F. Fernández-Bernal, L. Rouco, P. Centeno, M. González, M. Alonso Díaz

This paper develops a simple model of a photovoltaic plant in order to be used in studies of power systems. First, a detailed model of a photovoltaic plant is developed. It comprises the modelling of solar panels, DC/AC power converter and control systems associated. Its dynamic behaviour for several disturbances within a simple distribution electrical network is analysed. Then, a simple and sensible model of a photovoltaic plant is proposed and simulated. The results obtained are compared with those using the detailed model, showing similar answers in the frequency range of interest.

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IEE Power System Management and Control (PSMS2002). pag. 250-255. Londres. 17-19 April 2002

Publicado: abril 2002.

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