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Analysis of the role of railway infrastructure managers within liberalised electricity markets. The case of GIF in Spain.

P. Linares, E. Pilo, L. Rouco, P. Romera, P. Sánchez, J. Alarcón, J. Lastra, I. Ribera, J.P. Fernández, A. García

This paper present the work carried out jointly by the Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica and GIF, the future railway infraestructure manager in Spain, on the analysis of the role that GIF may play within the newly liberalised electricity market. Liberalisation of electricity markets provide new opportunities and challenges for railway infraestructure managers, given their large electricity consumption: first, and most important, how to estimate electricity consumption and its distribution along the day; afterwards, how to introduce electricity comsumption as a decision parameter for scheduling trains, how to buy it, how to transfer it to railway service providers, and how to allocate its costs to the different users, in an economically-efficient way. There the major conclusions of the analsysis are presented.

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International Conference on "Railway Traction Systems". Capri (Italia). 15-17 Mayo 2001

Publicado: mayo 2001.

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