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On the sign of the feedback applied by power system damping controllers

L. Rouco, F.L. Pagola

This paper studies the sign of the feedback applied by Power System Damping Controllers (PSDCs). The sign of the feedback to be applied by power system stabilizers (PSSs) is well established from the understanding of the physical mechanisms of their damping action. However, the complexity of the damping action provided by FACTS devices does not allow to determine easily the sign of the feedback to be applied by their damping controllers. This paper discusses the sign of the feedback applied by PSDCs in the context of their design using eigenvalue sensitivities. As the eigenvalue sensivity approach to design PSDCs focus only on the poorly damped electromechanical modes, they can be properly damped whereas one or several unstable model may arise if the sign of the feedback s not proper. This paper suggest a criterion to determine the sign applied by PSDC's based on the analysis of the frequency response of the system transfer function seen by the controller combined with conclusions drawn from the numerical pole - zero analysis of the transfer functions of interest of several small power systems. The application of the criterion is illustrated in a small power system widely used for fundamental studies of power system electromechanical oscillations

Keywords: Power system damping controllers, sign of feedback, eigenvalue sensitivities

IEEE Power Tech. Conference, Porto, Portugal. 10-13 September 2001. Paper Nº 414.

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PTC.2001.964756    

Publicado: septiembre 2001.

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