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An Integrated Tool for Analysis of Power System Constraints in the Spanish Electricity Market

E. Lobato, L. Rouco, M.I. Navarrete, R. Casanova, G. López, J. García Castillejo

The role of the System Operator in the Spanish electricity market, as it started on January 1st 1998, is to determine the technical feasibility of the generation dispatch provided by the Market Operator. The security criteria of the Spanish power system require that branch power flows and bus voltages are within their limits, not only in normal operating conditions but also when any credible contingency occurs. This paper presents an integrated tool for analysis of power system constraints in the Spanish electricity market. The components of this tool are: a power system scenarios builder, contingency analysis routines and preventive dispatch algorithms (active and reactive power). The tool addresses separately the overloadedbranches and the bus voltage violations. The performance of the toolwill be illustrated using an actual scenario of the Spanish power system.

Keywords: Load flow analysis, contingency analysis, power system dispatch, security assessment, congestion management, deregulation.

Proceedings of the 2000 IEEE/PES Summer Meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA. pp. 1627-1632. 16-20 July 2000.

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PESS.2000.868772    

Publicado: julio 2000.

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