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Traffic regulation and simulation. A predictive adaptive control system

A. Fernández-Cardador, F. de Cuadra, F. Montes

The project referred to in this paper consists of three phases. First, the development of a very accurate simulator in order to analyse the train and track performance of a balanced line, to be used as a CAD tool. Second, the development of a very accurate simulator in order to analyse the behaviour of a line under train-to-train disturbances and different passenger-flow scenarios. Third,the development of a control system to guarantee a constant time interval between trains, using the accurate simulator of the second phase as a workbench for case studies. This paper describes in detail the second and third phases of the project. As a result of this work, a software tool (PACO) is currently running at DIMETRONIC S.A. It simulates accurately, controls and displays the behaviour of a circle line of about 20 trains and 30 stations up to 30 times faster than real-time requirements. It is implemented on a UNIX workstation, using the ANSI-C language.

Keywords: railway control, optimal control, metro, direct search, simulation models

Proceedings of the 4th COMPRAIL Conference, Vol. 1, pp. 419-428. Madrid, Spain, September 1994.

Publicado: septiembre 1994.

    Líneas de investigación:
  • *Operación eficiente del tráfico ferroviario

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