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Regulatory studies within the SIEPAC project: Interconnection agreements for central America.

C. Vázquez, I.J. Pérez-Arriaga, T. Gómez, F. Rubio-Odériz

The objective of the SIEPAC project is to build a transmission line to interconnect six countries in Central America. However, the existence of the physical facilities themselves is not enough to ensure that the technical and economic benefits that may arise from the interconnection are fully captured and institutional agreements are needed. This paper presents the most relevant regulatory issues that need to be considered in order to create an international market where coordination benefits are achieved, while preserving the autonomy of each country as much as possible. Planning and operating issues, as well as the compatibility of the six internal markets, are addressed in the paper and alternative solutions are described and evaluated.

Keywords: multi-area operation, multi-national markets, Independent Power Transporters, competitive markets

Cigré Sysmposium Impact of Open Trading on Power Systems. Tours (France). June 1997

Publicado: junio 1997.

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