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Benefits of PV inverter volt-var control on distribution network operation

I. Abdelmotteleb, T. Gómez, J.P. Chaves

Challenges in active distribution networks increase as the penetration of DERs grows, causing difficulties for distribution system operators to efficiently manage and plan their networks. One of the main concerns is controlling the limits in voltage profiles that otherwise may lead to load or renewable generation curtailment. One of the promising methods to solve this challenge is through PV inverter volt-var control strategies. This paper addresses the benefits that could be achieved through PV inverter volt-var control regarding three aspects: reducing energy losses, and increasing line transfer capabilities and feeder’s loadability. A case study using the IEEE 34 node test feeder demonstrates those benefits when comparing centralized PV inverter volt-var control with respect to PV inverter operating at constant unity power factor.

Keywords: Maximum Loadability, Maximum Line Transfer Capability, PV inverter, Volt-Var Control.

Published: June 2017.

    Research topics:
  • *Smart grids


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