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Analysis of the impact of battery storage on power distribution systems

C. Mateo, A. Rodriguez, P. Frías, J. Reneses, A. Sánchez, S. Bañales, L. del Río, M. Zaldumbide, J. Gómez

This paper analyzes the impact of battery storage in power distribution networks. It evaluates in particular the savings in network reinforcements for using storage in the low voltage side of MV/LV transformer substations, in order to reduce their peak load. The sensitivity analysis comprises three realistic large-scale networks in different distribution areas (urban, semi-urban and rural), three demand growth ratios and six battery capacities. The impact is assessed using network reference models, calculating for a given scenario the reinforcements required in an incremental scenario. The analysis shows that significant savings can be obtained, especially in urban areas.

Published: June 2015.

    Research topics:
  • *Smart grids


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