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The role of innovative grid-impacting technologies towards the development of the future pan-European system: the GridTech project

A. L' Abbate, R. Calisti, A. Zani, H. Auer, G. Koerbler, G. Lettner, P. Frías, L. Olmos, C. Fernandes, T. Maidonis, S. Vitiello, G. Fulli, G. Schauer, S. Sulakov, et al.

For the achievement of the European Union’s ambitious renewable energy targets for 2020 and beyond, extensive electricity system planning and investments are necessary. This covers electricity generation capacity, transmission networks, and supporting technologies and measures that will ensure clean, secure and efficient energy supply. Within this framework, the European project GridTech mainly aims at conducting a fully integrated assessment of new grid-impacting technologies and their implementation into the European electricity system. This will allow comparing different technological options towards the exploitation of the full potential of future electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES), with the lowest possible total electricity system cost. Within the 2020, 2030 and 2050 time horizons, the goal is to assess where, when, and to which extent innovative technologies could effectively contribute to the further development of the European transmission grid, fostering the integration of an ever-increasing penetration of RES generation and boosting the creation of a pan-European electricity market, while maintaining secure, competitive and sustainable electricity supply. The present paper focuses on the ongoing activities and approach followed by the GridTech project: final results and recommendations are expected by beginning of 2015.

Keywords: Cost-benefit analysis, DSM, FACTS, grid-impacting technologies, grid planning, HVDC, pan-European transmission system, RES integration, scenarios build-up, storage.

Cigre 2014 Session 45. Paris, Francia. 24-29 Agosto 2014

Published: August 2014.

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