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Power losses minimization within Spanish wind farms evacuation networks

E. Saiz, E. Lobato, I. Egido, L. Rouco

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the influence on power losses of the provision of voltage control by wind farms within the grid that connects them to the transmission network. In addition, the paper estimates the economic profit or cost that this technology could obtain in case of providing voltage control. This paper concentrates on the Spanish situation, where wind farms are connected to the transmission network by an evacuation network without containing loads. Thus, from the economic point of view, just the wind farms owners are affected. The results presented in this paper have been obtained for a real representative Spanish wind evacuation network.

Keywords: Losses reduction, voltage control, wind power.

DOI: DOI icon 10.1109/PESMG.2013.6672226    

Published: July 2013.

    Research topics:
  • *Steady-state: load flows, analysis of power system constraints, optimal load flows, voltage control ancilliary service,short-circuits, protections in transmission and ditribution networks


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