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Monitoring the reactive health of a power system

E. Lobato, F.M. Echavarren, L. Rouco

From a qualitative point of view different features can be used to assess the reactive health of a power system: low transmission losses, adequate voltage profile keeping the system away from voltage instability, inexistence of reactive power loop flows from generators electrically close form each other, etc. In this way, reactive health is very much related with voltage control activities of a power system. From a quantitative point of view, however, it is not clear how to measure the reactive health of a power system. The supervision of a single variable (for instance, transmission losses alone or the voltage profile alone) is not enough to discern if a power system is healthy or unhealthy. On the contrary, the system must be evaluated as a whole. This paper proposes a novel simple, systematic and interpretable approach to assess the reactive health of a power system. For that purpose a complete set of screening indexes, associated to bus voltage levels and the reactive injection of generators is proposed. The methodology proposed is illustrated using an actual scenario of the operation of the Spanish power system.

Keywords: VAR/voltage control, power loss reduction, optimal power flow, reactive power dispatch, clustering.

27th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, November 14-17, 2012, Eilat, Israel.

Published: November 2012.

    Research topics:
  • *Steady-state: load flows, analysis of power system constraints, optimal load flows, voltage control ancilliary service,short-circuits, protections in transmission and ditribution networks


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