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Optimal degree of smart transformer substations in distribution networks for reliability improvement

A. Rodriguez, P. Frķas, J. Reneses, C. Mateo

The medium to low voltage transformer substation is a key element in the distribution system. Therefore, smart transformer substations will play a crucial role in the evolution of distribution towards the smart grid. Smart transformer substations can provide a significant improvement of continuity of supply. However, a large investment is required, so the optimal degree of automation must be determined. The main objective of this paper is to quantify the impact of smart MV/LV transformer substations on continuity of supply, which is essential to determine the optimal automation degree. The analysis has considered different degrees of implementation of smart MV/LV substations for different configuration schemes of urban distribution networks. Furthermore, sensitivity analyses have been performed for the main parameters involved so that conclusions on reliability improvement achieved by MV/LV transformer substation automation can be scaled up.

Keywords: Distribution network, fault location, power system reliability, smart grid, substation automation

3rd IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Europe Conference. Berlin, Alemania, 14-17 Octubre 2012.

Published: October 2012.

    Research topics:
  • *Smart grids


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